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About Ruth Bonetti

RUTH BONETTI, M.Mus., ARCM (London), A.Mus.A
Whether you present through Words or Music, Ruth’s books, workshops and coaching can help you perform with confidence. She gives proven techniques to conquer performance anxiety – that Number One Fear in society.

"I enjoy helping people to liberate from inhibitions and doubts that I have learned to conquer – and still meet, sometimes. I enjoy opportunities and freedom to travel extensively presenting workshops for schools, universities and businesses, developing confident presentation for those who perform via words or music.

I grew up in the Australian bush, a shy kid who found it challenging to talk with one or two people, let alone present in public.
How did I change into a person who enjoys the spotlight? That’s a long story...

Life is a journey and I’m happy to share the lessons I learned along the way.

You, too, can shine in performance–and even enjoy it!"

Ruth Bonetti



As author/editor of ten books, Ruth Bonetti has been published by a large publishing house (Oxford University Press; Enjoy Playing the Clarinet with its accompanying piano book) and a smaller niche publisher (Albatross Books published Taking Centre-Stage; How to survive and enjoy performing in public which is now republished as Confident Music Performance) Read more.

She was Editorial Consultant for the Australian Music Examinations Board Clarinet Syllabus books, grades 1-4, published by Allans Publishing.
She published three books through her own imprint, Words and Music:
Confident Music Performance; Fix the fear of facing an audience
Practice is a Dirty Word; How to clean up your act
Don't Freak Out - Speak Out; Public speaking with confidence More info

As an Arts journalist, Ruth regularly posts theatre reviews for StageDiary.com and writes book reviews for The Courier Mail and other media. Ruth has had numerous articles published in arts and general press (more details).


Ruth presents workshops and keynotes in:
Music and other performing arts; sessions motivate students to practise in busy lifestyles and give practical advice to prepare them for confident performance
Education; Professional Development workshops and conferences revitalise, reinforce and teachers
Business and corporate; Training and consultation sessions assist with presentation, whether to large or small audiences or one-on-one customer relations – in formal presentations, board room or team meetings and face-to face sales or reception skills.
In workshops, Ruth presents a unique blend of expertise drawing on her background in performance; she illustrates stories with her acting and artistic abilities, giving lively, content-rich presentations that appeal to all learning styles. She has presented and performed extensively in Europe (she speaks German, French and Swedish) and Australia, and her American seminars were repeated by popular demand.


Ruth learned to conquer the platform jitters in her international career as a professional musician; during her interactive presentations, she demonstrates projection, timbre and posture by playing her clarinet.
A Music Performance graduate of the University of Queensland (B.Mus. and M.Mus.), Ruth further studied, performed and taught during seven years in Europe. Her teaching experience spans tertiary, secondary and primary education including 15 years Adjunct Lecturer in clarinet and pedagogy at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University and adjunct teaching in Sweden, France, Germany and England. She is an experienced adjudicator and has examined for the Australian Music Examinations Board during the past 15 years. Read more
Ruth performs with Brisbane Symphony Orchestra under the baton of music director Antoni Bonetti and together with husband Antoni, in Quartetto Bonetti.

Ruth is now a full time speaker and writer, travelling extensively to present her seminars across Australia and internationally.

Ruth shows how to anticipate and channel adrenaline to lift presentations from the merely mundane to exhilarating, enriching communication.

Whether you perform in front of one, or one thousand, from executive to student, CEO to trainer, all benefit from Ruth's practical, simple and empowering techniques to ensure success through poised, self-confident delivery.

Ruth empowers people to project with poise, free from vocal tension – so their success sings!

"Thank you so much, Ruth, for enriching the lives of our staff with such a professional and enlightening presentation. The feedback has been fantastic!"
Sheena Harris, Manager, Westpac Business Direct 

"So many commented that the course helped them professionally and has been instrumental with their job advancement. They love your positive, empathetic and lively style."
Lynette Palmen, Women's Network Australia

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